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Allgrowth Ltd

Product Description

Peugeot Boxer 3.5t platform cab with light weight GRP ‘Easy Mover’ Luton with a half and half box / Curtainside body.

The Brief

Our customers business is to grow and source semi-mature trees, topiary, shrubs and hedges for any landscaping scheme. With trees being so heavy but at the same time being so very vulnerable to damage, a vehicle needed to be designed that was easy to load, big enough to suit the many different products being transported and still have enough payload to be legal on the roads. With this brief in mind our customer still wanted a vehicle that would be aerodynamic and be an eye catching advert for his company when out delivering.

The Solution

Due to the size and weight of the products being loaded, a fork lift truck is used to help move plants around site. Having a fully clear aperture to the nearside of the body allows large plants to be gently lifted inside the vehicle. Once inside the load restraint fitted to the solid offside panel and recessed lashing points fitted into the floor of the vehicle, allow the expensive cargo to be transported safely to its required destination. Should the trees protrude past the rear of the bodywork, the shutter can be raised and secured and a lower fold down tailboard and removable support bar prevents any products from leaving the vehicle. With damp soil and wet foliage from the trees, a non-slip Alloy planked floor has been installed that will help prevent accidents and will also last longer than a standard timber floor. Working alongside our customers marketing people, we also managed to supply art work to the nearside curtain, solid body panels and cab with a head turning design. With additional equipment such as reversing camera and satellite navigation, this vehicle really does give the driver a safe delivery solution for such an awkward product.